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Experience with BrioVinegar Apple Cider Vinegar on my Hair

As goes the famous saying oil and vinegar,delicious! In my case apple cider vinegar and oil,delightful! Apple cider vinegar is incredibly popular in international natural health community and here's my personal experience with it-

•My hair has had dandruff for as long as I can remember and of course I've left no stone unturned to get rid of it! But all in vain!

•Then once my grandmother after hearing my plight told me about apple cider vinegar's anti bacterial properties!

•I knew from my science class that Apple cider vinegar has natural probiotics which makes it anti bacterial and so it works against dandruff.

•My friend recommended BrioVinegars for best apple cider vinegars in the world,I mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in it,applied and washed it off!

•And to my delight it did it's wonders in just two weeks and I got rid of my prolonged,embarrassing dandruff!

All thanks to Briovinegars for the help♥️

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